Christiane Wegner Werkstatt für Schnitt + Design

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Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 2 40 00 30
  • Project: Christiane Wegner Werkstatt für Schnitt + Design
  • Client: Christiane Wegner
  • Partner: signi
  • Tasks: Conceptional and creative consulting, programming

Christiane Wegner is a Frankfurt based fashion designer and tailor. She does mostly very individual women’s clothes made to fit by not only considering current styles but also the situation the dress is going to be worn at, and the character and style of the women. She has a beautiful small studio that also works as a shop and gallery, in the center of Sachsenhausen, Frankfurts shopping and nightlife district.

Together with Bart Meeuwssen of signi we created a flash and HTML based minisite that fits Christianes needs as much as their dresses do her customers. We hope. The graphic design is influenced by her personality a lot, and the technique behind the design is as straightforward and easy to use as possible, giving her the possibility to create news about her business any time.

The website is now hosted by another provider, so expect to see something else than the screenshots above when you go there.

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