Hyundai HED-8 'i.oniq' Concept Car Dashboard

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  • Project: Hyundai HED-8 'i.oniq' Concept Car Dashboard
  • Date: May 2011 - March 2012
  • Client: Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
  • Location: Geneva Motor Show 2012
  • Tasks: An interactive steering wheel with a visual feedback dashboard and an integrated triple ghost display speedometer. Concept, design and implementation.

Hyundai HED-8 ‘i.oniq’ Concept Car Dashboard

The i.oniq is Hyundai’s amazing new concept car. Following up on the ‘iFlow’ of 2010 and the ‘curb’ 2011. the Hyundai HED-8 ‘i-oniq’ is already the third concept car that we’ve had the pleasure to furnish the cockpit media systems for. Not resting on their laurels, the Hyundai Design Team wanted to raise the bar again – and together we came up with a number of ‘world firsts’:

  • Triple Ghost Display :
    The Speedometer is ’Pepper’s Ghost’-style Display with 3 transparent mirror images stacked in depth. The cool thing about this is that it gives us three different planes of focus to choose from, nice for some focus/defocus effects that actually do guide the viewer’s eye. And they look cool, too.
  • Micro Warp Screen
    Four miniature LED Projectors are matched to a warped screen that embraces the speedometer. They deliver all of the secondary information.
  • Micro Warp Screen MT
    The display inside the steering wheel is a multitouchsreen built out of two pico projectors and a hi-def Infrared camera, all crammed into the column of the steering wheel. They, too, deliver a seamless edge-blended and dewarped surface – and on top of that the steering wheel can of course be rotated as usual. An infrared line laser in the lower rim of the wheel helps to detect the drivers’ fingers.

The whole media system is running from 2 computers, hidden in the trunk of the car, serving 7 different display feeds, with a total of 4.980.928 pixels and of course it is 100% made with VVVV.

The HED-8 i.oniq was introduced to the public during the Geneva Motor Show 2012.

The MESO-Team: Alexander Graf, Jochen Leinberger, Friedrich Söllner, Philip Reul, Julian Herrmann, Philipp Lorenz, Nils Buhlert, Max Wolf

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