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Creatives get united! beef-magazine is „dedicated to tough ideas and exceptional communication”, as it’s editors (Art Directors Club Germany and Horizont) declare. With the first issue in 2007, they made a clear pro-print-statement; the high-quality printed magazine as a real object people can touch and look at. Now, in 2009, the concept still remains. But it was time for the associated website – once only a short preview for the magazine’s next issue – to get renewed and made interactive in order to enforce discussion and exchange of ideas.

Giving the website it’s new design was just the right job for MESO.
Log in to the beef group at, and the site’s clear layout will show you all the elements you’d expect from such a website, neatly arranged to fit the magazine’s look: the newest articles with images, writers and comments, your profile with messaging options, the magazine’s latest issue’s cover, a list of some group members who recently signed in, the current discussion topics… and of course the beef logo!
So join in, get informed, get inspired and take part in the ongoing dialogue. See you at the beef-community!

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