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  • Project: hfg5 Web System for HfG Offenbach
  • Date: September 2000
  • Client: State of Hesse
  • Contractor: Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach
  • Tasks: Consulting, conception, design and programming
  • http://www.hfg-offenbach.de

When Mathias Wollin and Martin Schuster were asked to create the first version of a multi purpose web system for the university as part of their diploma in 2000 the resentments against a database driven web system (not many people knew the meaning of the term “content management system” at that time) were quite a few. But after proving that database driven does not mean raster driven design by creating a playful yet useful website everybody agreed that this website marked an important step for the university towards new media.

Most of the concepts from then still stand in the current version that was created 2006:

A project database gives the students the possibility to publish their hard work on the Internet in a quick and easy way, without the hassles of registering and programming their own website.

A “restleben” (“rest of life”) Forum promotes music and nightlife events, and you’ll also find a flat to live in and jobs to pay your expensive student lifestyle there.

The former “fleeing” menu made room for the new flash menu which with its fehlfarben behavior is an homage to the print techniques also still taught there, and tries to give the website a typographical touch by letting the letters “hit” the screen from behind when idle.

Also new is a tool called “workgroups”. Used for collaborating when meetings are few or when some project participants are abroad this tool lets the project groups share files, knowledge and timetables in a simple to use online file system.

The design intentionally tries not to be as user expectation oriented as you might expect on a website for a university that, at least in parts, follows the traditions of the Ulmer Schule and Bauhaus. It never hinders use, on the contrary most of the time even features the work shown there by using a visual style that can best be described as “unostentatious”, but sometimes reacts not quite as expected.

The website of the Hochschule für Gestaltung is based on our site management system aspekt:ratio.

aspekt:ratio site management system

An extremely userfriendly and easy to use Site Management System developed by Mathias Wollin and Martin Schuster. Making site management easy since 1999.

UPDATE: This site was replaced by its newer version in 2015

hfg-offenbach.de (2015)

The 2014 incarnation of the website of our favorite University of Art and Design

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