Carwalk and Exhibits for Mercedes-Benz at IAA07

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  • Project: Carwalk and Exhibits for Mercedes-Benz at IAA07
  • Date: September 2007
  • Client: Atelier Markgraph GmbH
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main

Under the creative lead of and commissioned by Atelier Markgraph MESO Digital Interiors provided software for the prototyping and playout of the huge giant LED carwalk at the center of the Festhalle at the award winning presentation at IAA 2007.
The carwalk consisted out of three different types of LED products in various orientations and spacings.

The vvvv based playout solution allowed prototyping of different effects, and playout of prerendered and realtime generated content to all three LEDs.

In addition to that MESO was involved in most of the digital exhibits being placed all over the hall. Of special interest are the
Digital Explainer Tables in the TekTalk area which allowed Daimler engineers to browse a huge media library and annotate animated graphics while explaining the many new features of the new engines to the public.

Mercedes-Benz Tektalk Exhibits at IAA 2007

Mercedes-Benz Tektalk Exhibits at IAA 2007

TekTalk Exhibit
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